After you have made your first contact, I endeavor to reply within 24 hours to confirm that I have received your enquiry.I will then offer an initial ten-minute consultation whether by call or email whichever is comfortable for you. Here we can make the first appointment and for you to ask any questions that you are unsure about on what takes place within the therapeutic session.

In the initial part of the first session, if you are comfortable, I would like to have the paperwork read and signed. This will be to ensure that you are safeguarded and happy with the sessions to commence. The paperwork covers the contract, confidentiality, data protection, privacy policy and complaints procedure. A copy will be given to you to take away. However, at anytime after the first session if you would like to go over them again, I am happy to do so. The rest of the hour will be guided by you and what you would like to bring.

Each hourly session is guided by you. What I will offer is a safe place that allows you to feel comfortable, unconditional positive regard for your way of being. In a non-judgmental, open, honest and confidential manner that empowers you to find your own solutions to your issues.

However, if you feel at any time that this is not the right time or that it’s not for you, all I ask is that you are honest, open and let me know.

The ending of the sessions is guided by you. There will be a gradual ending so that you feel empowered and ready to move forward in a space that is right for you.