At AMC Counselling and Psychotherapy, I am committed to safeguarding and preserving the privacy of my clients.This means that I will not discuss any matter that you bring with anyone outside of the therapeutic session. Therefore, I will not discuss anything with a member of your family, your GP or any other agencies without your permission.

Any information that you give to me at AMC Counselling and Psychotherapy will be held in strict confidence by myself. However, there may be circumstances that I will need to share your information please refer to the Privacy Policy

The law requires that the following must be referred to other agencies:

  • Child Protection – Information you have about a child who is at risk of physical, emotional and or sexual abuse (including child pornography);
  • Harm to a vulnerable adult;
  • Road Safety – If the police require information in relation to a driving offence;
  • Terrorism – If I receive information about an act of terrorism or that there is a plan to commit an act; This is where I will need to inform the police without your consent;
  • Money Laundering – If I receive information about a person who is involved in money laundering. I would therefore be required to inform the police immediately without your consent.

I hold a ‘duty of care’ to you as my client and I will make every attempt to involve you in any decisions about how to disclose the information that doesn’t cause any delay or further risk to you and/or to anyone else.

All records that are kept are minimum and, on a need, to know basis. I will code them and securely lock them away. Names, addresses, telephone numbers and any other information will be secured away in a different location to preserve the identity of the client.

On a monthly basis I attend supervision. This is to offer support to me in my practice and in accordance to COSCA’s Statement of Ethics and BACP Ethical Framework for the Counselling Professions. In providing excellent duty of care and support to you as my client.