“A.M. Lady Morning”

Beautiful is the dawning of the daytime,

Sincerity from your heart and mind,

Early birdsong precious distant love song,

Talking and laughing with you, just to make things right.

People’s problems worries and frustrations,

Rocky roads and you can not read the signs,

Moving too fast to really take much notice,

Beautiful future you can see it in your mind.

Don’t hold back and leave it all behind you,

Choose to love and make it all worthwhile,

Gentle lady, lady of the morning,

Shine your light and give away your smile.

Rising sunlight caressing warm and gentle,

Share your beauty deep within your heart,

Precious lady who gives the world a new day,

Show the night time life can have a brand new start.

Flowing rivers lead you to a new place,

Rocky mountains climbed and yet to climb,

Broken flowers need a little bit of nurture

Springs to new life if a golden sun will shine.

Thank you day break for giving me the courage,

Lady Morning a shoulder there to cry,

Wrap your loving arms around a world that loves you,

The gift of sharing thoughts will never say goodbye. (Dated 2001)